Licenses And Permits To Open A Business In Jacksonville


Obtaining licenses and permits to open a business in Jacksonville is necessary when it comes to starting a new business. Not doing it from the beginning is a mistake that many of the new entrepreneurs make especially when it comes to a home-based business.

To open a business, it is required to have a Business License or permit. It varies depending on the type of business, the location the state or county, among the permits that must have are the Fire Department, Sign, County, and State license.

The following are some of the most common licenses and permits that small business owners in Florida may need and where to go for more information.

Business License

Contact your business license department to find out how to obtain a business license, which essentially grants you the right (after paying a fee, of course) to operate a business in Jacksonville. When you present your license application, they make sure that in the area where you want to open your business it is allowed to do so.

You can not operate in an area that is not zoned for your type of business unless you obtain a permit, presenting your case to a commission in your city and demonstrating that your new business will not change the lifestyle of the residents of that sector.

If you are planning to start a business in your home, you should investigate the zoning ordinances of it with great care. Some residential areas may have strict rules that prevent the use of homes for commercial purposes. Even so, it is possible to obtain a permit for use, since in many areas the attitude toward home-based business is increasingly favorable, which makes it easier for them to make an exception.

Pass fire safety inspection

You may have to obtain a fire safety inspection certificate if your company uses any flammable material or if its facilities will be open to the public. In some cities, you have to obtain this permission before opening the business. Some cities do not require certificates, but simply follow the schedule of periodic inspections of your business to see if it complies with fire safety regulations. If your business does not comply, it will be issued a citation. Companies such as restaurants, nursing homes, day care centers and any other place where many people congregate are subject to frequent checks by the fire department.

Signage or Signboard permit and regulation

Some cities and suburbs restrict the size, location, and sometimes the lighting and the type of sign you can use outside of your business. To avoid costly mistakes, it is best to check the regulations and obtain written approval from the owner (if you rent) before going to install your notice.

County Permit

Counties often require the same types of permits and licenses as cities. If your company is outside the jurisdiction of a city, these permits may apply to you.

State License

In many states, people exercising certain professions must have licenses or permits for such work. They often have to pass state exams before they can obtain these permits and conduct business. Many states often require a license for mechanics, plumbers, electricians, home repairmen, construction contractors, collection agencies, insurance agents, real estate agents, and anyone who provides personal services (i.e., hairdressers, cosmetologists, doctors, and nurses). Contact the state government offices for a complete list of occupations that require licensing.